Porcelain Crowns: The Natural Look

Benefits of porcelain crowns,One of the main advantages of porcelain crowns is that they look more like a normal tooth in terms of color. They are more pleasing than porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns for example. Besides, they do not have an edge of metal substructure. Instead, a porcelain crown is the imitation of the natural tooth.,You may only require one visit to your dentist to make porcelain crowns. Some dentists have a milling machine and can make a dental crown for you at the surgery. This means that in one visit you can have your crown placed.,Types Of Porcelain And Ceramic Crown,There are a number of ceramic and porcelain crowns available. These include:,• Feldspathic porcelain: This is the traditional crown used and thought by many to be the most attractive.,• The Procera crown: This is made with a milled ceramic on the inside to improve the strength of the crown. However, it is not regarded so natural in appearance because the milled ceramic is opaque white. One main benefit of this type of crown is that it can be fitted with normal crown and bridge cement.,• The Lava crown: This type also uses milled ceramic but it is made from Zirconia, which is clearer as opposed to white opaque. Normal cement can also be used but this compromises the crown’s natural appearance.,• Zirconia crown: These can look translucent and very natural. In addition, they are bonded as opposed to cemented. Ergo no black line is present at the gum line.,• The CEREC crown: The main advantage of this crown is that it can be milled at your dentist’s clinic so that you can have your crown fitted straight away. This means there is no need for another visit or a temporary crown. However, they do not generally look as natural as other crowns.,• The In Ceram crown: This is made from very durable aluminous porcelain. It is more opaque than feldspathic porcelain and can be fitted with normal cement.,Which One Is The Right Choice?,It is important to talk to orthodontists Tampa in order to ascertain which one is the right choice for you. Your Orthodontist Tampa will also be able to assist your with a number of other cosmetic dental issue including invisible braces and teeth whitening.,Porcelain crowns are a natural looking way to cap your teeth. Although they are not as durable as other crowns, they are ideal for front teeth because the material is more appealingly pleasing.