Essential Oil Uses for Burns IV

Burns are traumatic. They happen fast and pain is immediate and lasting. This article takes a brief look at the different types of burns and how they may be treated with essential oils.,Essential plant oils are one of Nature’s most potent healing medicines. Plants (herbs) have been used for thousands of years for healing. Before the onset of modern medicine less than two hundred years ago, plant medicine was the only choice for healing. Today, science is taking a closer look at plant medicines. Many physicians are including herbal medicine and essential plant oils as part of their healing protocol. Modern medicine has very few ways to treat burns. Burns cause such trauma that often skin grafts are the only way to heal serious burns. For less severe burns, lavender oil can be a soothing, effective way to heal the delicate burned tissue.,There are three types of burns. First degree burns damage only the outer layer of skin. Sunburn and windburn are first degree burns. Second degree burns damage both the outer layer and the dermis, which lies directly under the outer layer of skin. Second degree burns have blisters. Third degree burns destroy outer layers and damage underlying tissue. Burns are caused by chemicals, electricity, fire, radiation, heat, and environmental factors like sunlight and wind. All burns can be serious. Seek medical attention when necessary. If the burn is severe the individual may go into shock.,Sunburn can be first or second degree. The best treatment for sunburn is to prevent it. Apply a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF when spending time in the sun. Be sure it is water proof or water resistant if you will be spending time in the water. In the case of a sunburn, lavender oil can be an excellent first aid treatment. Lavender essential oil is an all natural remedy for healing sunburn. Dilute 3 drops of lavender oil with 3 drops of coconut oil for a simple sunburn treatment. Apply 2-4 times per day for best results. Lavender oil for burns is one of the most effective essential oil uses.,For second and third degree burns, seek medical attention. Lavender oil may be misted over the burn by diluting in almond oil 50/50 and mixed in a small glass spray bottle. Use care when applying lavender oil directly to burns where tissue is blistered or severely damaged. A spray bottle is preferred application in the case of more serious burns. For the most effective healing experience, use lavender oil on burns often.,Never let a burn dry out completely. Dehydration of burns is the most dangerous aspect of a serious burn accident. Burns tend to swell and blister due to fluid loss from the damaged blood vessels. Always keep the burn well hydrated with aloe vera, coconut oil, lavender oil, calendula oil, or an herbal salve. Be sure the burn victim drinks twice as much water as normal, even in the case of sunburn. Rehydrate a burn from the inside and the outside. NEVER treat a burn with petroleum jelly or synthetic chemicals. Damaged skin is too delicate for any chemical substances.,Other essential oil uses in the case of burns includes using anti-inflammatory herbal essential oils such as Idaho balsam fir and helichrysum. Burns are often quite swollen and using these oils helps to calm the inflammation.